Students Welfare

Student’s Association:

The collage has students Association (KSPSU), with its own constitution of which all students are automatically members by registration. The KSPSU office is under the mentorship of the President of students. The association is important link between students and the collage management and contributes in decision making on matters that affects students.

The main objective of KSPSU is:

  • To provide efficient, democratic and accountable services for all students at the collage.
  • To promote the interests and coordinates all activities related to welfare of students.
  • To enlighten students on their rights
  • To ensure the good academic milieu for the attainment of better expertise in future practice
  • To establish proper organizational basis for communication between different school authorities and students as well as maintaining fraternal relations between students and academic staffs, the hospital staffs and KCMC hospital community in general
  • To promote love and respect for the learning and to ensure that every students understands his/her responsibility to educate him/herself to the best of capabilities and in doing so cherish and promote academic fractions as in alienable right to each student from KSP

KSPSU is a thriving association that organizes and participates in many activities ,for example:

  • Expanding sports and game facilities in order to cater for needs of an increasing number of students
  • Participating in intercollege games competitions.
  • Initiate, sponsor or undertake activities for the benefits of students regardless of which program they are belonging at KSP
  • To organize debates, seminars, workshops, conferences, congress, case presentations, study tours and symposia to create intellectual, awareness of the students community especially in the media field.
  • To undertake fundraising activities, students union which may deem necessary.
  • To undertake generally any other activity or function in conformity with KSPSU status and objectives.
  • To organize and lead students to adopt in a concerted manner, non violet-forms of just struggle and resistance, for realization of their just demands and rights inconformity with the objective and status of KSPSU
  • To correspond and communicate with students youth, religious, academic organization and other organizations which share and promote objectives common to those of KSPSU.

Office of Students Welfare

The office of student Welfare is under the President of Students, whose roles are primarily directed at the social and academic interests of students. The president renders counselling services to individuals or groups of students and assists/guides students in their welfares.

Student Advisors:

Each student will be assigned to one of lectures as his/her academic advisor also collage has patron on campus who can meet any student needing advice or support in personal or social matters. All such counselling will normally be confidential.

Other Social Services:

Other social services like cafeteria is located inside the collage campus while Supermarkets and Banks are located within a walking distance.